Frequently Asked Questions

Sanjaram is a platform to share and discover amazing travel stories and itineraries. At Sanjaram we are bringing together travelers from around the world to share and discover real, actionable, crowd sourced travel stories. We are mapping every single destination in the travel story along with the associated content and pictures.

At Sanjaram you can find amazing itineraries created by avid travelers or your friends and family. Each travel itinerary is linked to the profile of a traveler to help you understand the personality of the traveler better.

Sanjaram eases the process of searching and discovering independent, authentic and personalized travel information on a single platform. For those looking to share their travel experiences, we are working on creating the best tools to enable them to tell their stories easily and beautifully.

By sharing of your travel experiences on Sanjaram you can become a part of our movement to open up the world make the world a local place and help people discover unique places and live your story for themselves. If you get published on Sanjaram you would be in the same league as some of the most prolific travelers and travel writers in the world.

(1) If you are a travel blogger and maintain your own blog then sharing your travel stories on Sanjaram brings you closer to travelers all around the world and helps you build your own travel brand. You can create a beautiful travel portfolio for yourself on Sanjaram by sharing amazing trip itineraries. Travelers across the Sanjaram network will always find your post irrespective of how frequently you publish.

(2) If your trips get published on Sanjaram you earn points on Sanjaram that can be used for getting discount on bookable itineraries on Sanjaram or to connect with expert Travelers.