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This Group is to provide information regarding Hiking only.

Discover nature, let your mind wander, clear your head: There are many reasons to set off on a hiking tour. For easy hikes, all you need to do is to lace up a pair of comfortable shoes and to take off.

Before You Set Off…

We want you to get home safely. Sanjaram strongly encourages all hikers:

Inform a friend or family member on where you intend to hike.
Carry a trail map.
Carry the right equipment.
Have your mobile phone fully charged.

On the trails…

Always wear the right clothing, and safety gear.
Always follow the official signage and directions and look for warning signs.
Expect the unexpected.
Always be polite and courteous to other hikers.

After your hike…

Keep the trails clean and tidy.
Use the designated toilet and shower facilities (please be discrete and respectful).
Please throw trash in designated areas.
Enjoy the rest of your day..

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