GoPro Hero 8 Black


GoPro Hero 8 Black


The Hero 8 Black is the best Go Pro yet, but without its Mod accessories, it’s only a minor update on its predecessor. The more streamlined design, new microphone and improved app are all big bonuses, while pros will appreciate the higher max bit-rate and 1080p live streaming. If you just need a waterproof action cam for travel duty, then it’s still well worth considering the Hero 7 Black. But those new Mod accessories, which are coming soon, should push the Hero 8 Black into a league of its own, particularly for vloggers.

+ For

  • Best-in-class digital stabilization
  • Time-saving Capture Presets
  • Unique time-lapse modes
  • New built-in mount
  • Improved microphone
  • New Media Mods

– Against

  • Sub-smartphone picture quality
  • Poor low-light performance


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